About Equinable

Equinable is
Focused on learning through working with the ponies on the ground, animal husbandry,
horticulture, art and craft and the environment

The use of animals, cultivation of plants, fun and empowerment to support and
aid an individual’s development in skill based activities.

Equinable’s aim is
To be a flexible service available to individuals who may find a motivational factor in
working with animals and horticulture in a relaxed environment with experienced and
qualified staff.

By using
The partnership between humans, animals and the environment, using empowerment
and experiential learning.

• Animals, providing immediate feedback

• Animals mean that we have to learn trust & respect before we can work with
them effectivley

• Horses enable us to see our own emotions

• Animals and the land provide activities for all levels and abilities

• Animals provide an accepting and non-discriminatory relationship

• Animals provide an opportunity to develop life skills and self understanding
whilst having fun working with them

• Animals and horticulture enable us to work with the natural world

Equinable project times
9.30am – 4pm Monday to Friday with an hour for lunch break, bring your own lunch,
and drinks are provided free of charge.

Will be provided where possible

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